ConvertKit Email List: Is It Worth The Price? — Learn with Lin Washington

Why an Email List?

Your loyal followers will sign up and it’s a new way to promote your products. You can give them new content and let them know about different services and products you offer.

Why ConvertKit?

Story time. Picture this, you’re fighting with and trying to set up an email list. The technological aspects, getting the code to work, picking out the right image, it’s too much.


I know I already mentioned user-friendly, but it’s true. You type in the text, you choose your image. OH and speaking of the images, they have unsplash hooked right up so you don’t have to go searching outside. Hence why I have a whole bunch of email forms through them on my site.

Stellar Customer Service

You’re looking for great customer service no? Having your questions answered. They’re helpful and will work with you.


ConvertKit pricing is $29/month for their lower option, not the lowest out there but not the most expensive. With this plan you can have automation as well.


You have options when it comes to design. You can choose a pre-created form and change what you want. Edit the text, change the colors of the text, even the image.

Is ConvertKit Worth It?

In my humble opinion, I do feel ConvertKit is worth it. I’ve tried other email platform and didn’t have that same ease of use that ConverKit offers. While you can go with a free plan, wouldn’t you rather pay a little more for one that makes your life easier and you can focus on what you like most?



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Lin Washington

Lin Washington

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